CCx red and orangeMHT is the marketing and distribution partner with Ayanda AG for their ConCordix™ delivery system. The Gummy Melts/Soft Chews provide a completely innovative and unique way to deliver active compounds into the body. These patented and proprietary gelatin-based soft chews discs are individually protected for freshness on a blister card and can deliver essential fatty acids as well as vitamins, amino acids and extracts. The delivery technology has been clinically shown to increase the uptake of actives by 44%. This on-the-go product could deliver essential Omega 3 Oils and Krill Oil as well as Vitamins or other Active compounds in a single dose without any need for water or any other beverage! The 2-gram ConCordix™ Disc products allow for 600 mg of ingredients, fully-flavored in a single, individually packed dose. In addition, the technology actually provides a solution for difficult combination formulations to eliminate active compounds potential migration into the shell of the softgel / capsule or the need for excessive overages to combat the physical compatibility of the actives. Multi-flavor options and custom formulations are available to satisfy seniors to toddlers with this easy-to-dose delivery technology.