NovaSol® Technologies

AQUANOVA is a manufacturer of innovative liquid formulas (solubilisates) for a broad spectrum of raw materials and active ingredients. Under the product brand “NovaSOL®” AQUANOVA develops and produces application oriented solutions in close cooperation with industry and science. NovaSOL® powered solutions are utilized to develop innovative products in the fields of food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The initial benefit is the technology offers functional benefits such as a transparent appearance or superior bioavailability of actives. Further benefits are clinically proven that NovaSOL® formulas create technical advantages such as higher efficacy, higher bioavailability and application scope of antioxidants or preservatives. NovaSOL® technology creates nature-like micelle structures that are amphiphillic, crystal clear and chemically unmodified. The technology utilizes a patented and novel delivery system that enables the active to be delivered at the intestinal cellular wall for significantly greater absorption. The 30 nm solubilisates bypass the emulsification process and enable the body to achieve greater bioavailability for the respective actives.

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Building a NovaSOL® Biomimetic Micelle