Molecular Health Technologies LLC. is an incomparable supplier of the highest-quality commodity bulk raw ingredients as well as innovative, science-based, trademarked and patented compounds for the nutraceutical, beverage, and functional food markets. With over 50 years of combined experience encompassing formulations, global sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution, Molecular Health is able to offer turn-key solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Powered by a consultative approach, we strive not only to understand, but to satisfy the needs of our clients. We create customized solutions that encompass innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and novel delivery systems for each and every one of our customers.

The Highest Quality Products

Molecular Health plays an integral role in facilitating the development of novel, clinically-studied ingredients, for condition-specific categories, such as:

  • Weight Loss
  • Sports & Energy
  • Joint Health
  • Men’s and Women’s Health and Enhanced Sexual Function
  • Cardio Health / Immune Function
  • Cognitive Health / Memory / Sleep Function
  • Wellness
  • Enhanced Bioavailable Products

Latest Innovative and
Clinically-Studied Product Offerings:

ConCordix®Innovative, patented gel melt technology that delivers actives without having to chew or swallow. Buccal delivery for greater uptake makes this technology ideal for kids or senior citizens. Robustly-flavored actives included in the product line are Omega 3’s and all essential fatty-acids, CoQ10, Vitamin D and multi-component Energy Gel Melt.
NovaSOL® Omega 7Tersus Omega 7 incorporated for greater bioavailability into the NovaSOL® Technology with strong data to support healthy cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels (inflammation marker) and thus clinically-proven for modulating metabolic variables.
Sceletium TortuosumA specialty product from South Africa and we have the only standardized extract available that is clinically-studied for mood elevation and lowering anxiety levels. As a non-hallucinogenic, Sceletium has significant beneficial properties in the sports/focus, weight loss, and overall wellness categories and is more supportive in the categories than products such as Theanine.
Finished U.S. manufactured softgelsfor all Marine and Essential fatty-acid categories including Omega-3’s, Krill, Wild Alaskan Salmon with expedited lead times.
“In an industry where, often times, mediocrity can flourish, we have been fortunate to work with Molecular Health Technologies LLC. They are by far and away our most dependable, innovative, and customer service friendly raw material supplier. They continuously provide us with novel solutions for even the hardest to source ingredients and formulation ideas…” – Long-time notable customer