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Advanced Formula Sebrium DCD®

Molecular Health Technologies is the first to bring the Advanced Formula to the United States


Introducing A New Category of Mood Lifting Supplements

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Due to the global post-covid anxiety and stress, Kanna has seen a well-needed resurgence, Molecular Health Technologies teamed up with a South African manufacturing partner (Green Cell Technologies) to create a proprietary Kanna / Sceletium that has a full entourage of alkaloids to create a one-of-a-kind synergistic effect with the proper potency of alkaloids through the patented DCD® extraction technology. The trademarked Sebrium DCD® was sent to a lab to test how our proprietary formulated Kanna and Broad-Spectrum CBD interact to create a two-ingredient formula for anxiety control. The scientists at Molecular Health Technologies produced the perfect formula tested by hundreds of individuals since its launch; and 3rd party lab-tested for toxicity, efficacy, and purity. What they found consistently across all testers is that about 20 minutes after taking this dual formula, the synergy of the active compounds produced a feeling of calmness and clarity, virtually erasing perpetual thoughts and markedly reducing anxiety with zero drowsiness or mental distortion. For individuals with physical ailments such as back pain or Crohn’s and colitis, where it’s important to keep anxiety under control, the formula helped minimize symptoms normally brought on by stress.  Current studies are underway and showing similar results for controlling mood & anxiety resulting from nicotine withdrawal.

One of the examples of Sebrium DCD’s efficacy is in the brand Full Spectrum Zen’s “Free Therapy” mood gummies that combine hemp-derived CBD with Kanna (Sebrium DCD®) which markedly helps minimize stress throughout the mind and body. This duo of concentrated ingredients reduces anxiety and improves clarity and mood within 20 minutes without drowsiness. Molecular Health Technologies is the first to combine CBD with Sebrium DCD® in the US.

Molecular Health Technologies introduces the Most

Bioavailable, “Mood Balancing Weight Loss”

Formula Combining BerberiSol™ and Sebrium DCD®

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Studies Show BerberiSol™ Is 625% - 1,100% More Bioavailable vs Standard Berberine

With the launch of Ozempic in 2023, the supplement industry introduced its natural, non-prescription alternative, berberine to help encourage weight loss without stimulants. Since then the industry behind berberine has continued to explode with many brands increasing dosages of this ingredient to be effective and competitive. However standalone berberine has an absolute bioavailability of only 1%, (this means that a 500mg capsule of standard berberine in the marketplace will, at best, only deliver 5mgs to the cells of the body.) Molecular Health Technologies (MHT) sought to introduce a more advanced, bioavailable, and effective weight loss product in the category. After the successful launch of Sebrium DCD® last year for anxiety and stress, MHT analyzed the research behind weight loss, and its physical and psychological effects to create a revolutionary form of berberine known as BerberiSol™ paired with the mood-calming ingredient. BerberiSol™fused together with BioSNEDS™ technology dramatically increases and improves absorption making the ingredient 11X more bioavailable than berberine alone.


With that said, BioSNEDS™ role in this concentrated ingredient has been shown to enhance the stability greatly, solubility (100% within 30 minutes), permeation, and bypass liver degradation. The significant increased bioavailability has been confirmed with a PAMPA permeation study and prospective preliminary PK study – both demonstrating that BerberiSol™ was 625% - 1,100% more bioavailable vs standard berberine.




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